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Looking for Rap Beats?  Need instrumentals for your lyrics?

There are a lot of rappers in the world, and some of them are extremely talented.  On occasion, a talented rapper teams up with a producer and will create a number of songs using the rap beats that producer provides.  More often than not, there is usually one party all the way in, and the other is unsure.  Sometimes a great producer with good production cannot find an artist on an equal level….  And many times great rappers cannot find a beatmaker to compliment their rapping style.

If you are a rapper (or songwriter), you have one distinct advantage going for you – You can purchase beats online, and have them delivered instantly.

You need to check out the producers work, see how established he or she is, and listen for production you can hear your cadences over.  If you are an extremely experienced artist, you may want to only get exclusive beats.  That would mean you own the rights to use that beat exclusively.  This is better for artists with a fanbase, a budget, and a few albums under their belts.  If that sounds like something you need for your next album, contact us to discuss pricing.

Whatever you are looking for, someone is out there making it!  There are several producers and leasing options, and a simple google search will land you with thousands of producers to choose from.  There many styles of beats as well.  Trap beats, Gangster beats, Smooth Rap instrumentals, Hip Hop instrumentals, Etc.  The subgenres are ever changing and endless. is one of the best options for buying or leasing Rap Beats Online.  With a large selection, instant delivery, and hundreds of satisfied customers, your experience purchasing instrumentals is sure to be effortless.   Take a look at the testimonials on the homepage!  As a special bonus, any urban artist or songwriter that would like to get 2 FREE BEATS can do so just by signing up for our Mailing List (Click HERE).