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Mic choices for musicians on a budget.

There are a ton of new microphones coming out every year.  Seems like the home recording revolution has made for a huge market in affordable recording gear.  Wether you are creating an acoustic guitar jam or recording over pre recorded instrumentals, there is a budget mic for you.  Here are our favorite tried and true choices under $500.


1. Michael Joly Hulk 990

This specially modded microphone is modified from an MXL 990.  It features 87 esque frequency responce, and is amazing on both male and female vocals.  Comes with a shockmount, and at $399 is certainly one of the best mics for the money.


2.  Shure SM7B  

The Shure SM7B is hands down a LEGENDARY MIC.  This mic is a favorite amongst studios of all budgets.  It works well for rap and hip hop vocals.  It is good for almost any application.  Price may vary, but at the time of this writing, you can pick one up for $399


3. AKG c214

Speaking of legendary microphones, have you ever heard of the AKG 414?  Used on countless classic hits, the c214 is nearly identical to the 414 but without the extra polarity patterns!  It is a cardiod only version of the 414, which means it is perfect for recording vocals.  Price starts around $300


4.  Rode NT1A

This mic is affordable and offers extreme clarity.  Rode is an Australian company that makes very high quality microphones.  The NT1A is a great first choice for up front vocals and acoustic instruments.  This large diaphram condenser is priced around $230 

5.  Studio Projects C1

This high quality budget mic excels at recording vocals and acoustic instruments.  Like some of the other microphones, it is a large diaphram condenser mic.  Strong points for this one are versatility and price – $250


If you have any other microphone questions or suggestions, leave a comment!